Power in Community Energy Competition

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Powerpoint slides from June 17th event

The powerpoint was too big to display in one file so here you go:

Part 1: Energy conservation
Part 2: Weatherization
Part 3: Solar Thermal
Part 4: Solar PV

SKWT Inaugural Event: Energy Conservation Teach-in

On Wednesday, June 17th, we held an energy conservation "teach-in" at the Oak and Iris.

With the goal of increasing sustainable strategies in the neighborhood, we asked local providers of weatherization and solar installations to speak about the costs, benefits and incentives associated with this work.

The agenda included:
  • Energy Conservation information: How much energy do residential buildings use and where does that energy come from?

  • Weatherization: Waste less energy through air sealing, increased insulation, window upgrades and improved ventilation.

  • Solar Energy: Learn if your building is a good candidate for installing solar panels and start making your own electricity and hot water.

  • Meet neighbors who have weatherized their homes and installed solar panels.

  • Hear from local Contractors and Providers about costs, financial and environmental benefits and government incentives to help offset the costs.
We had about 35 people in attendance and heard from representatives of:

Aeon Solar

A.S.K. Construction (weatherization contractors)

Ellen Honigstock Architect PC (Solar hot water)

Solar One - Advocacy and policy around solar energy.

One Block Off The Grid - California based solar bulk buying club.

Thanks to all these providers and to the Oak and Iris for hosting us.

Welcome to Sustainable Kensington Windsor Terrace

Hi Everybody!

Sustainable Kensington Windsor Terrace is a project started by two Brooklyn neighbors, Sarah Goodman of Windsor Terrace, an environmental educator, and Ellen Honigstock of Kensington, an architect specializing in sustainable strategies for existing buildings.

Our goal is to build community through education and actions focused on reducing our local environmental impact.

Join us!